Welcome to my blog! It's a place to write about my life. It includes everyday things, but mostly it's a place to share our homeschooling journey.

About Us

I'm Southern Mama (aka Mama Bear). My husband and I have been married for 14 years. I'm not sure how that idea of homeschooling came about. We both went to public schools, as do everybody in both our families. But once my son was born, and I started working with him, homeschooling was brought up. By a year old, I could see how smart he was, and I began to wonder why send him to a public or private preschool? So now at 5, we homeschool year-round and so far we both love it. I have until he is 6 years old to make the final choice. In my state children must be enrolled in kindergarden by 5 years old, but he misses the cut off date.

About my "Little Bear"- He's 5, and a wonderful little boy. He loves trains and cars, but his biggest love is anything high tech. He's a little techie, always have been. Been using my iPod since he was 2. We just set up the desk top computer for him, and he LOVES it (we've been using a computer together since before a year old). He also loves gymnastics, soccer and golf. A total little fish, loves being in the water.He's very hands on, loves to touch and feel everything (which gets him in trouble at the store).
Our homeschool is named Oakernut Academy. Welcome!
Anyhow, that's us in a nut shell!