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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pom poms and homemade tweezers

When I first set this up for Little Bear (who I guess is really Big Kid now) I though he was a bit too old. After all he IS 5.5 years. Lol. But he really seemed to enjoy himself. I had him do all kinds of things. Take Pom poms from a plate to a cup. From a cup to a plate on his head. Behind his back. Separate different color pompoms. All with homemade tweezers. Okok, two craft sticks glued to a clothes pin. It entertained him for sometime with and without me. So in my book it was a win win!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Setting up the new schoolroom

After months of thinking what to do with our bonus room in the new house, I have decided to create a craft room (for me) combine with a schoolroom for the kids. So the idea has been planted so I've been skipping through the Internet and Pinterest searching for ways to organize and set up a multi-purpose room. 

And it was while going through one of many websites it dawned on me- Little Bear and Baby Bear are 5 YEARS APART!  Which doesn't freak me out except for homeschooling.  So while Little Bear is doing sit down work in between bouts of play, Baby Bear is just learning to play (she's only 2 months old). 

I have to set up a room to work as a craft room for me, a school room for a first grader AND create an area that will be fun and safe for Baby Bear.  Of course I'm still trying to settle into having a baby again. I'm trying to settle into the new house (been here 6 months now!). Trying to settle into homeschooling ago. 

So that's what is going on right now. Check back as I start to post pictures of the bonus room transfer. 

Happing learning

Mama Bear