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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Life throws a curve ball

Little Bear was 15 days early. Baby Bear is now 2 days late. Guess that guess to show ya that even in the womb kids have different personalities. I was sure I would never make it this far. Was sure she would be here at least by her due date. But alas- she's calling the shots. Little Bear keeps asking when when his sister is coming. Daddy Bear keeps talking to my belly telling her its time to come out. I just want to be able to bend over again. Lol.

But I have made somewhat good use of the time. I bought a large lot of used cloth diapers and spent about 1.5 days washing and stripping them. Now today I've got to figure out how to store them. Ummmmmmm......

Little Bear has also been sick, so I've been taking care of him. I'm so lucky that my mom is in from my home state to help out. Although she's got to head back soon. And I know my daddy is getting ready for her to be home. It sure does make it easier to grab a nap having Mama here. And even though I don't let her do a lot around the house, she has been helping with dishes and laundry. But mostly just keeping Little Bear entertained when I just can't keep going. And I know Daddy Bear feels better knowing I have someone with me since we are kinda far in the country and don't really know our neighbors yet.

Anyhow- that's today's post

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