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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

iPad really??

We (my husband and I) both have iPads. We love them. I use mine for homeschool as well. But it really blows my mind that I can not have different logins to the same iPad. Ya know- the same iTunes account but different iPad accounts. So one login would be mine, the master. Where I can do everything! A one for my son where he could only get to his games and stay out of mine. And one for school. That would be sooooooo awesome. I have no idea why Apple doesn't do that. Except they want more money. Want be to buy more than one. Well, know what? I'm not buying a third anytime soon. But I AM thinking about getting a KindleFire with free time on it. Separate accounts and I can control what my kid has access too. (Plus he's a HUGE reader). So I'm thinking thats a win win for me.

So yes I love my iPad. But I really wish it was a little more family friendly.

If you have thoughts or ideas plus leave a comment.

Thanks - Mama Bear

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  1. We have a Kindle Fire and I absolutely LOVE it. I love having the Kindle Free time available to use. It's awesome. I have a profile set up for both boys, so that when they are using it I don't have to worry about them accidently doing anything, or accessing something they shouldn't. Well worth it!