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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I love meeting people....

My mama is visiting with us until after our baby is born. So that we'll have some one here to watch Little Bear. 2 years ago we both started Weight Watchers and are both down about 40 pounds (Okok....I WAS down before getting pregnant). My mom is in maintain mode so she walks for her workout. So today we were heading down to a local little park for her to walk around the track (we have WAY too many dogs running around for her comfort to walk the block). At the very last minute I decided to go a little further to a different park with a better track AND a better playground for Little Bear.

And that's when it happened. I was talking to one mama there when another lady showed up with her two kids. The first mama left and me and the second started talking. Not to mention Little Bear and her oldest (also 5) were playing together. Turns out she's a homeschooling mama too! And we are due with 2 weeks of each other.

Little Bear was super happy cause even when Grandmama was done (with 3 miles!) he still got to play. Cause me and the other mama talked for over an hour.

It's nice to meet a mama who home schools and has kids the same age as Little Bear. I can't wait to set up another play date with her and her daughters.

We've been in our new home since January....it's really nice that we are starting to meet new people. It really made my day!

Happy Wednesday!

Mama Bear

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