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Friday, January 25, 2013

Totally let this drop

It's been forever since I've posted. But that's the way with life. Best laid plans and all of that...

We have recently moved, so that's taking up a lot of time for us. Boxes are EVERYWHERE! But I'm hoping to really get back to things soon. Right now schooling is bare. Math, Bible study and play. But at least we are doing something right?

Our Learning Room (that's what we are calling the new play/school room) is very messy. Boxes. Boxes. Boxes. But since we've only been in the new house 2 weeks, I'm not too worried.

I'll try to remember to post pictures of the progress. Plus get back to blogging our school. Although I'm thinking about moving it all to FaceBook. But I'm not sure yet.

Anyhow- happy learning!