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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mama Bear has a life too *shocking*

I know, for me at least, I sometimes forget that I have a life outside my family. As a home based mama (I prefer Home Based Mama vs Stay at Home Mama. The difference? I don't stay home often!! LOL) my whole life seems to rotate around my son, my husband, my house.... And I know it should to a degree. But a happy mama makes a happy home. And I'm lucky- I have a wonderful husband who understands this. And that equals a Mama with a Life.

So what do I do other than my normal mama duty? Well, I'm a Sunday School teacher. I belong to the Hat Ministry at my church. I enjoy hanging out once or twice a month with friends. And sometimes, I just go out all by myself.

I know, my life my seem boring to some people. But it's not. I'm doing what I want to do. I stay at home with my son. I homeschool him. You pair this with my outside life, I think I live a full life.

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