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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Soap Box Rant of the Day

I feel we are becoming a society who is de-sensitizing our children to violence. Just because it's a cartoon or because it has Disney slapped on it, does not mean its suitable for young kids. I believe that we start children out watching "safe" cartoons as babies and by 3 or 4 years they are use to the violence in them. ( and yes, most are filled with violence and/or very adult themes and/or mean, taunting behavior. Why do we want our children to watch this stuff? Why do we want them to grow up do fast?

Yes, Little Bear watches cartoons. No, he hasn't seen every Disney movie ever made. In fact, he's only watched a handful of Disney movies.
What happens when children become de-sensitized to violence on TV? It doesn't bother them to see it at the park. They begin to think its alright to hit.

I'm not telling you how to raise your kid. But don't be so shocked to find out that I actually care about what my son is watching and learning from the TV shows he watches. TV is not a babysitter in this house. Normally I'm watching with him. Talking about what he just watched.

Yes. There has been movies I've let him watch and then stuck in the back of the movies closets. Movies that people told me he would love. And upon watching them I couldn't b relieve they let kids watch it more than once. Movies with rude behavior meant to be funny. Sexy and sex undertones. Why do we feel this is the only way to entertained our children? Why are we letting cartoon makers get away with it? Why are we not standing up and saying that we want MORE for our children?

Children who become use to violence become adults use to violence. Something to think about.

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