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Thursday, July 12, 2012

My 4 year old wants to be a what?

So little Bear has decided his future career choice. He wants to be an Ornithologist. Yup, that's right. W word bigger than he is. LOL! What, you may be asking is an Ornithologist? Well, it's someone who studies birds. Now he STILL wants to be a race car driver, a fireman AND a detective. But all those are apparently gonna be on the side.

Now the thing is, he has a ton of imagery friends. Most of which are animals. But the "baby birds" have been around for almost a year now. They go and do everything with us. And his Baby Birds (always birdS) are the most well treated imagery friends ever I think.

I've got video of him at 2, sneaking up on birds. I mean how many 2 year olds can sneak? As in take a step. Stop. Wait. Take a step. Stop. Wait. And he could get within an arms length of birds!

So maybe there's something to this Ornithologist thing. He recently got binoculars and the first thing he said was "Great. Now we can go bird watching."

So, I'm thinking about getting a book on common birds for our area, giving him a notebook. And starting to go bird watching.

So here's to all the Ornithologists and bird watchers in the world!!

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