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Monday, July 16, 2012

Makin' Preserves

One thing I remember fondly about my childhood, is eating homemade grape jelly at my grandmother's house on handmade biscuits. Yum. I remember going out in the fields at my great-aunts farm and picking beans. I remember sitting around with cousins shelling those said beans listening to my Grandmama and her sisters talk about their childhood.

Although my own grandmother has passed away, I'm glad I get to share some of these things with Little Bear with my parents.

Little Bear has been picking vegetables out my Daddy's garden all his life. He picked and shucked corn at 18 months. He picks tomatoes, grapes, onions and even watermelons.

This year he helped Papa Bear and me plant our own garden and every day he helps water it and harvest out cucumbers and tomatoes.

And now, today, he helped make Strawberry-Fig Preserves. From mashing the figs and every thing up to handling the hot stuff. The adults did that (but Little Bear helped).

I enjoy sharing all these experiences with my son. I love how interested he is in learning new things. And I love that he's learning that food doesn't just come from the store.

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