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Sunday, July 1, 2012

A little play...a little courage

I am SO proud on Little Bear. He got up in front of our whole church today and sang 'Jesus Loves Me', all by himself. And to make it even better- it was his own idea. He's been practicing all week. Everybody told him how well he did and he was so happy with himself. Yet something else people are impressed with. He is such a little showman. He says he gets nervous but as long he has Little Penguin (his favorite stuffed animal) he's fearless and brave. Whatever works. But I told him that the braveness was inside of him.

Tonight we had some fun! I'm loving Glow Sticks this summer. While Little Bear was in the bath, I set out glow sticks for to glow-in-the-dark seek & find fun! LB had a blast! We took turns hiding a finding. Even Papa Bear got into the fun!

Happy learning!

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