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Monday, July 16, 2012

Makin' Preserves

One thing I remember fondly about my childhood, is eating homemade grape jelly at my grandmother's house on handmade biscuits. Yum. I remember going out in the fields at my great-aunts farm and picking beans. I remember sitting around with cousins shelling those said beans listening to my Grandmama and her sisters talk about their childhood.

Although my own grandmother has passed away, I'm glad I get to share some of these things with Little Bear with my parents.

Little Bear has been picking vegetables out my Daddy's garden all his life. He picked and shucked corn at 18 months. He picks tomatoes, grapes, onions and even watermelons.

This year he helped Papa Bear and me plant our own garden and every day he helps water it and harvest out cucumbers and tomatoes.

And now, today, he helped make Strawberry-Fig Preserves. From mashing the figs and every thing up to handling the hot stuff. The adults did that (but Little Bear helped).

I enjoy sharing all these experiences with my son. I love how interested he is in learning new things. And I love that he's learning that food doesn't just come from the store.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My 4 year old wants to be a what?

So little Bear has decided his future career choice. He wants to be an Ornithologist. Yup, that's right. W word bigger than he is. LOL! What, you may be asking is an Ornithologist? Well, it's someone who studies birds. Now he STILL wants to be a race car driver, a fireman AND a detective. But all those are apparently gonna be on the side.

Now the thing is, he has a ton of imagery friends. Most of which are animals. But the "baby birds" have been around for almost a year now. They go and do everything with us. And his Baby Birds (always birdS) are the most well treated imagery friends ever I think.

I've got video of him at 2, sneaking up on birds. I mean how many 2 year olds can sneak? As in take a step. Stop. Wait. Take a step. Stop. Wait. And he could get within an arms length of birds!

So maybe there's something to this Ornithologist thing. He recently got binoculars and the first thing he said was "Great. Now we can go bird watching."

So, I'm thinking about getting a book on common birds for our area, giving him a notebook. And starting to go bird watching.

So here's to all the Ornithologists and bird watchers in the world!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My second favorite time of the year....

SCHOOL SUPPLIES time! LOL. I love when all the cool new supplies come out. I love it even more when they put already cheap supplies on sale! You can't beat a box off crayons for 25 cents. I stock up on supplies for the whole year. And this year not only am I buying for the homeschool but for my Sunday School class too.

On some side notes, today Papa Bear and I are celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary. And what a time we've had in those 14 years. Ups and downs. Heartache and joy. Yet through it all we've fallen together and not fallen apart. Happy 14 years Papa Bear!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Geocaching! Plus...

Summer Bucket List 2012- go hiking. That's a BIG ole CHECK!

Went out with my brother and his family for some geocaching. Not sure how much we hiked but but we found 8 caches!! Battled with some thrones and ants and other bugs (like big hair spiders!).

Went wading in a super cold river. With lots of rocks and tons of Fool's Gold!!!

Over all we had a wonderful day.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A little reading

First off- we had a blast yesterday. Our church had a huge picnic and then we watched the fireworks put on by the city. It was super fun!!

Today has been all about reading. First we played Story Smash up. It's a great little game where you make sentences. And this time Little Bear made almost all his sentences by himself. Then we lay Word Racer. Another great good where you have to read a sentence and fill in the missing word while racing your race car to the finish.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Soap Box Rant of the Day

I feel we are becoming a society who is de-sensitizing our children to violence. Just because it's a cartoon or because it has Disney slapped on it, does not mean its suitable for young kids. I believe that we start children out watching "safe" cartoons as babies and by 3 or 4 years they are use to the violence in them. ( and yes, most are filled with violence and/or very adult themes and/or mean, taunting behavior. Why do we want our children to watch this stuff? Why do we want them to grow up do fast?

Yes, Little Bear watches cartoons. No, he hasn't seen every Disney movie ever made. In fact, he's only watched a handful of Disney movies.
What happens when children become de-sensitized to violence on TV? It doesn't bother them to see it at the park. They begin to think its alright to hit.

I'm not telling you how to raise your kid. But don't be so shocked to find out that I actually care about what my son is watching and learning from the TV shows he watches. TV is not a babysitter in this house. Normally I'm watching with him. Talking about what he just watched.

Yes. There has been movies I've let him watch and then stuck in the back of the movies closets. Movies that people told me he would love. And upon watching them I couldn't b relieve they let kids watch it more than once. Movies with rude behavior meant to be funny. Sexy and sex undertones. Why do we feel this is the only way to entertained our children? Why are we letting cartoon makers get away with it? Why are we not standing up and saying that we want MORE for our children?

Children who become use to violence become adults use to violence. Something to think about.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Home Ec

Today is all about Home Ec...although I didn't plan it that way. I was sewing up a little project when Little Bear asked of he could help. So I cut a scrap piece of cloth, threaded him a needle and have him his first course in hand sewing. Nothing big, just a little pillow for his Little Penguin. And I had to help hold the fabric but he did most of it himself. Not bad for 4.5 and his first time. You can see the pictures below of him sewing and Little penguin enjoying her new pillow. Lol.

Then he made the grocery list. Including cookies and chicken nuggets. And of course he helped get almost everything off the shelves. Such a good little helper.

Little Bear is a little cook too. He helped me get dinner in the crockpot. It's soooo hot here that I really hate cooking lately. I need more crockpot recipes. LOL.

And to finish out the day. We mark our second thing off our Family Summer Bucket list. We made home made ice cream. The bag and ice way. Lol. We all has a BLAST shake-shake-shaking our ice cream.

Happy learning.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

A little play...a little courage

I am SO proud on Little Bear. He got up in front of our whole church today and sang 'Jesus Loves Me', all by himself. And to make it even better- it was his own idea. He's been practicing all week. Everybody told him how well he did and he was so happy with himself. Yet something else people are impressed with. He is such a little showman. He says he gets nervous but as long he has Little Penguin (his favorite stuffed animal) he's fearless and brave. Whatever works. But I told him that the braveness was inside of him.

Tonight we had some fun! I'm loving Glow Sticks this summer. While Little Bear was in the bath, I set out glow sticks for to glow-in-the-dark seek & find fun! LB had a blast! We took turns hiding a finding. Even Papa Bear got into the fun!

Happy learning!