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Sunday, June 24, 2012

What a day....

Who knew that picking a curriculum would be so hard....but I think we have chosen! I think. I might change my mind back tomorrow. And Hubby isn't much help. He agrees with everything I say. Lol. He just tells me that I'm the one at home with Little Bear. No help there. Oh well. I'm pretty sure we have it though.

Sticking with a teaching theme- I agreed to take over the 4/5 year old Sunday School class at my church. It's a small church, so not many kids but I'm still a little nervous. I enjoy teaching though and I was honored when they asked me to take over. And I already have BIG ideas. I can't wait to get the key next week and start rearranging MY classroom. I start teaching in two weeks. How exciting!!

It seems like I'm just not gonna get away from teaching.

Happy learning!

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  1. You're hubby is a smart man. He realizes that you are more aware of Little Bear's progress and abilities.....or that is what i always tell myself when my hubby doesn't help me either.lol! I am so excited for you!