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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Planning the new year

Hubby and I are planning to start a formal curriculum with Little Bear this fall. He's more then ready. We plan on using SonLight. I'm really impressed with what I'm reading about it. Not to say we'll use it forever, but I think for the first year I feel more comfortable using something planned. Even though he's only 4.5 years old, he'll be starting kindergarten. In my state he doesn't have to start school until he's five which means if I "wanted" to put him in public school, he could only do pre-k and he's beyond that. So we thought upping him one year would be good to keep him interested. And he's already learning most of it anyhow.

I gave him a reading readiness assessment today to see what Language Arts to possible purchase for him, and he assessed on a SECOND GRADE reading level. My goodness! The boy does like to read. Which is good. Very good. I don't think I'll start him on a 2nd grade level though. I'm thinking 1st grade. This is one reason I like. SonLight is because children CAN work on their own level not their age level.

So I'm very excited! As soon as I hear back from SonLight with a few answers to my last few questions, we'll be ordering. I'm super excited about this up coming school year!!

Happy Learning!

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