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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fun Day

Today is just a fun day for us. And the fun has already started. First, we played a game that I found yesterday at junk store. It's called "Word Racer". Object of game is easy. Each player picks a race car. Then you take turns drawing a card. Each card has a simple sentence on it with a word missing. Layer has to pick the correct word from the two given. If player is right the move the number of spaces on back. You have to avoid oil slicks and track work which will send you back. And some spaces will make you lose a turn and some send you forward. It's a tad below Little Bears reading level, but it's working great as a review AND to get him reading out loud.

Next, I made him up a box last night. I filled it with some simple stamps and a few washable ink pads. He spent about 20 minutes stamping pictures for people. I also included letter stamps so he could do his name.

Now it on to cleaning....ok, so not ALL fun today but we are going swimming in just a bit AND he has Hip Hop dance class tonight. So all that IS fun.

Have a wonderful day and I hope that no matter what you and your children do today, that you both learn something new.

Napping learning-

Mama Bear

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