Welcome to my blog! It's a place to write about my life. It includes everyday things, but mostly it's a place to share our homeschooling journey.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's been too long

WOW! I hadn't realized that it's been so long since I wrote. Schooling has been mostly unschooling the past month. We are getting ready to move to a whole new STATE! This is a big adjustment for all of us And we are adding a Baby Girl to the family come April. So our lives has been filled with trips, house hunting and doctor appointments. But I'm hoping that once we get settled in the new house, I'll be able to post a lot more and share a lot more. I'm also thinking about taking this to Facebook but I haven't decided for sure. I'm very excited about having a new house and a new school room to set up. And excited about having a new 'student' next year. Little Bear's schooling is going slow at the moment but going. I'm not too impressed with the work I bought. I should have went with my first gut feeling and bought First Grade instead of kindergarten. I let him work at his own pace through the workbooks, but they really are too easy for him. He enjoys the books, and we've read most of them already. I'm looking forward to starting something new soon. I'm hoping to become part of a homeschooling group next year to help with field trips and studies and make some friends. Not gonna say it's been easy all the time....and this move has made things even harder (since daddy has been away every week for over a month only coming home Friday night and leaving Sunday after church). But learning is still happening. And that's the important thing. I'm hoping to really write more often after the new year. It's one of my goal. I like sharing what we are doing. I hope that it makes a small difference in somebody's world. Happy Homeschooling! Mama Bear

Thursday, November 1, 2012

November Thankfulness #1

November 1- what am I thankful for? All the blessings in my life! I have so many. A wonderful husband. A wonderful son. A great family. Awesome friends. And above it all- a Lord that loves me! Even at the times that I don't understand, I know and trust (and yes it's hard sometimes) that His plan is working.

God has put me through many fires in my life, and yet in August, He saved me with water (I was baptized).

I feel so lucky for the the things I do have. That's why I wanted to start off this Month of Thankfulness with thanks and glory to my God.

Blessings, Love and Happy Learnibg!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Week four

It's hard to believe that we are in our 4th week of Kindergarten! It's going by so fast and we are getting into our groove. We normally spend about an hour on our sit down work and reading and then the rest of the day is just whatever. Everything from playing to chores.

I'm glad I decided to start kindergarten a year early. It's giving me a great chance to learn how to keep track of time and to see how to keep records. It's a lot easier when I'm not required to keep records.

There are of course things I like and things I don't like about this curriculum but I'm glad I went with them. Next year I'm thinking about using a different math program but I have some time to think about that.

We are both really enjoying the year. Hope it continues. :)

Happy Learning!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mama Bear has a life too *shocking*

I know, for me at least, I sometimes forget that I have a life outside my family. As a home based mama (I prefer Home Based Mama vs Stay at Home Mama. The difference? I don't stay home often!! LOL) my whole life seems to rotate around my son, my husband, my house.... And I know it should to a degree. But a happy mama makes a happy home. And I'm lucky- I have a wonderful husband who understands this. And that equals a Mama with a Life.

So what do I do other than my normal mama duty? Well, I'm a Sunday School teacher. I belong to the Hat Ministry at my church. I enjoy hanging out once or twice a month with friends. And sometimes, I just go out all by myself.

I know, my life my seem boring to some people. But it's not. I'm doing what I want to do. I stay at home with my son. I homeschool him. You pair this with my outside life, I think I live a full life.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Playing with paint

Today we started school by mixing up some homemade sidewalk chalk paint. It's super easy and Little Bear seemed to enjoy it a lot.


It's simple 1/2 cup cornstarch mixed with 1/2 cup cold water. Then add 6 drips of food coloring (more for darker colors)

I gave my so two colors, a paint brush and a turkey baster thing. I loved shooting the paint. The brush didn't work too well. I think a form brush might be better.

The good news is that it washes off the side walk super easy. Once dry, you can use a dry towel to wipe off clothes and small amount on skin. However, I decided to dip my whole hand in it to make a handprint and well, I have a blue tinted hand. Maybe not a good idea. But the small droplets on my feet (and pants) wiped off clean once dry.

This is something we will do again. Maybe I'll make stencils next time and put the paint in spray bottles.

- Mama Bear

Started School

Last Monday we started Kindergarten! So far, we are having a good time. The curriculum that I bought is a lot of review for him (since he already knows how to read, write and count to 100). But we'll be hitting some new math soon and the writing is good to start reinforcing proper technique.

I'm also adding in some of my own things. Over all, Little Bear and I are enjoying ourselves.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Makin' Preserves

One thing I remember fondly about my childhood, is eating homemade grape jelly at my grandmother's house on handmade biscuits. Yum. I remember going out in the fields at my great-aunts farm and picking beans. I remember sitting around with cousins shelling those said beans listening to my Grandmama and her sisters talk about their childhood.

Although my own grandmother has passed away, I'm glad I get to share some of these things with Little Bear with my parents.

Little Bear has been picking vegetables out my Daddy's garden all his life. He picked and shucked corn at 18 months. He picks tomatoes, grapes, onions and even watermelons.

This year he helped Papa Bear and me plant our own garden and every day he helps water it and harvest out cucumbers and tomatoes.

And now, today, he helped make Strawberry-Fig Preserves. From mashing the figs and every thing up to handling the hot stuff. The adults did that (but Little Bear helped).

I enjoy sharing all these experiences with my son. I love how interested he is in learning new things. And I love that he's learning that food doesn't just come from the store.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My 4 year old wants to be a what?

So little Bear has decided his future career choice. He wants to be an Ornithologist. Yup, that's right. W word bigger than he is. LOL! What, you may be asking is an Ornithologist? Well, it's someone who studies birds. Now he STILL wants to be a race car driver, a fireman AND a detective. But all those are apparently gonna be on the side.

Now the thing is, he has a ton of imagery friends. Most of which are animals. But the "baby birds" have been around for almost a year now. They go and do everything with us. And his Baby Birds (always birdS) are the most well treated imagery friends ever I think.

I've got video of him at 2, sneaking up on birds. I mean how many 2 year olds can sneak? As in take a step. Stop. Wait. Take a step. Stop. Wait. And he could get within an arms length of birds!

So maybe there's something to this Ornithologist thing. He recently got binoculars and the first thing he said was "Great. Now we can go bird watching."

So, I'm thinking about getting a book on common birds for our area, giving him a notebook. And starting to go bird watching.

So here's to all the Ornithologists and bird watchers in the world!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My second favorite time of the year....

SCHOOL SUPPLIES time! LOL. I love when all the cool new supplies come out. I love it even more when they put already cheap supplies on sale! You can't beat a box off crayons for 25 cents. I stock up on supplies for the whole year. And this year not only am I buying for the homeschool but for my Sunday School class too.

On some side notes, today Papa Bear and I are celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary. And what a time we've had in those 14 years. Ups and downs. Heartache and joy. Yet through it all we've fallen together and not fallen apart. Happy 14 years Papa Bear!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Geocaching! Plus...

Summer Bucket List 2012- go hiking. That's a BIG ole CHECK!

Went out with my brother and his family for some geocaching. Not sure how much we hiked but but we found 8 caches!! Battled with some thrones and ants and other bugs (like big hair spiders!).

Went wading in a super cold river. With lots of rocks and tons of Fool's Gold!!!

Over all we had a wonderful day.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A little reading

First off- we had a blast yesterday. Our church had a huge picnic and then we watched the fireworks put on by the city. It was super fun!!

Today has been all about reading. First we played Story Smash up. It's a great little game where you make sentences. And this time Little Bear made almost all his sentences by himself. Then we lay Word Racer. Another great good where you have to read a sentence and fill in the missing word while racing your race car to the finish.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Soap Box Rant of the Day

I feel we are becoming a society who is de-sensitizing our children to violence. Just because it's a cartoon or because it has Disney slapped on it, does not mean its suitable for young kids. I believe that we start children out watching "safe" cartoons as babies and by 3 or 4 years they are use to the violence in them. ( and yes, most are filled with violence and/or very adult themes and/or mean, taunting behavior. Why do we want our children to watch this stuff? Why do we want them to grow up do fast?

Yes, Little Bear watches cartoons. No, he hasn't seen every Disney movie ever made. In fact, he's only watched a handful of Disney movies.
What happens when children become de-sensitized to violence on TV? It doesn't bother them to see it at the park. They begin to think its alright to hit.

I'm not telling you how to raise your kid. But don't be so shocked to find out that I actually care about what my son is watching and learning from the TV shows he watches. TV is not a babysitter in this house. Normally I'm watching with him. Talking about what he just watched.

Yes. There has been movies I've let him watch and then stuck in the back of the movies closets. Movies that people told me he would love. And upon watching them I couldn't b relieve they let kids watch it more than once. Movies with rude behavior meant to be funny. Sexy and sex undertones. Why do we feel this is the only way to entertained our children? Why are we letting cartoon makers get away with it? Why are we not standing up and saying that we want MORE for our children?

Children who become use to violence become adults use to violence. Something to think about.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Home Ec

Today is all about Home Ec...although I didn't plan it that way. I was sewing up a little project when Little Bear asked of he could help. So I cut a scrap piece of cloth, threaded him a needle and have him his first course in hand sewing. Nothing big, just a little pillow for his Little Penguin. And I had to help hold the fabric but he did most of it himself. Not bad for 4.5 and his first time. You can see the pictures below of him sewing and Little penguin enjoying her new pillow. Lol.

Then he made the grocery list. Including cookies and chicken nuggets. And of course he helped get almost everything off the shelves. Such a good little helper.

Little Bear is a little cook too. He helped me get dinner in the crockpot. It's soooo hot here that I really hate cooking lately. I need more crockpot recipes. LOL.

And to finish out the day. We mark our second thing off our Family Summer Bucket list. We made home made ice cream. The bag and ice way. Lol. We all has a BLAST shake-shake-shaking our ice cream.

Happy learning.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

A little play...a little courage

I am SO proud on Little Bear. He got up in front of our whole church today and sang 'Jesus Loves Me', all by himself. And to make it even better- it was his own idea. He's been practicing all week. Everybody told him how well he did and he was so happy with himself. Yet something else people are impressed with. He is such a little showman. He says he gets nervous but as long he has Little Penguin (his favorite stuffed animal) he's fearless and brave. Whatever works. But I told him that the braveness was inside of him.

Tonight we had some fun! I'm loving Glow Sticks this summer. While Little Bear was in the bath, I set out glow sticks for to glow-in-the-dark seek & find fun! LB had a blast! We took turns hiding a finding. Even Papa Bear got into the fun!

Happy learning!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Woot! Curriculum is ordered!

That's right. I'm committed. I ordered Little Bears curriculum. I can't wait to get it in and look through it. We'll start in August...just not sure when. Public school starts on the 20th so we'll start sometime around then.

Today was an off day for us. Just goofed off most of the day. Now Little Bear and Papa Bear are out for some father/son time.

I have a few things planned for tomorrow that I think LB will like. Maybe we'll learn a thing or two as well.

Oh and I found this picture on FaceBook and I LOVE it. I think it's so true.

Have a great day people. And a happy weekend!

Happy Learning- Mama Bear

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fun Day

Today is just a fun day for us. And the fun has already started. First, we played a game that I found yesterday at junk store. It's called "Word Racer". Object of game is easy. Each player picks a race car. Then you take turns drawing a card. Each card has a simple sentence on it with a word missing. Layer has to pick the correct word from the two given. If player is right the move the number of spaces on back. You have to avoid oil slicks and track work which will send you back. And some spaces will make you lose a turn and some send you forward. It's a tad below Little Bears reading level, but it's working great as a review AND to get him reading out loud.

Next, I made him up a box last night. I filled it with some simple stamps and a few washable ink pads. He spent about 20 minutes stamping pictures for people. I also included letter stamps so he could do his name.

Now it on to cleaning....ok, so not ALL fun today but we are going swimming in just a bit AND he has Hip Hop dance class tonight. So all that IS fun.

Have a wonderful day and I hope that no matter what you and your children do today, that you both learn something new.

Napping learning-

Mama Bear

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Curriculum is being ordered!

Well, it'll be ordered on Friday. Hopefully I won't change my mind....yet again. I'm driving my hubby crazy. Lol.

Today was unexpectedly cool today. About 80-something with a breeze. We spent a lot of time outside. Did some water play. And Little Bear loved it. I have a few ideas for a few projects for the rest of the week. Hopefully we'll get to go swimming on Thursday.

Speaking on swimming- I'm hoping to it LB in swimming lessons in July. I think he'll have a lot of fun.

Anyhow- it was a great day.

Happy Learning!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Bath time + glow sticks = AWESOME

So we didn't do much today. A few worksheets, and Little Bear played some games on the computer. Me, I did laundry. Lol.

Little Bear DID get a surprise tonight for bath. I added some glow sticks to his bath tonight. He had a BLAST! He stayed in the bath for about 35 to 40 minutes! SCORE! Lol.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

What a day....

Who knew that picking a curriculum would be so hard....but I think we have chosen! I think. I might change my mind back tomorrow. And Hubby isn't much help. He agrees with everything I say. Lol. He just tells me that I'm the one at home with Little Bear. No help there. Oh well. I'm pretty sure we have it though.

Sticking with a teaching theme- I agreed to take over the 4/5 year old Sunday School class at my church. It's a small church, so not many kids but I'm still a little nervous. I enjoy teaching though and I was honored when they asked me to take over. And I already have BIG ideas. I can't wait to get the key next week and start rearranging MY classroom. I start teaching in two weeks. How exciting!!

It seems like I'm just not gonna get away from teaching.

Happy learning!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Planning the new year

Hubby and I are planning to start a formal curriculum with Little Bear this fall. He's more then ready. We plan on using SonLight. I'm really impressed with what I'm reading about it. Not to say we'll use it forever, but I think for the first year I feel more comfortable using something planned. Even though he's only 4.5 years old, he'll be starting kindergarten. In my state he doesn't have to start school until he's five which means if I "wanted" to put him in public school, he could only do pre-k and he's beyond that. So we thought upping him one year would be good to keep him interested. And he's already learning most of it anyhow.

I gave him a reading readiness assessment today to see what Language Arts to possible purchase for him, and he assessed on a SECOND GRADE reading level. My goodness! The boy does like to read. Which is good. Very good. I don't think I'll start him on a 2nd grade level though. I'm thinking 1st grade. This is one reason I like. SonLight is because children CAN work on their own level not their age level.

So I'm very excited! As soon as I hear back from SonLight with a few answers to my last few questions, we'll be ordering. I'm super excited about this up coming school year!!

Happy Learning!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Have a Water Gun Fight....check

Marked off the first thing on the Summer Bucket List today. We had a family water gun fight. And the best thing was that it was a complete surprise to Daddy. I think me and Little Bear won!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Trying to make normal

The biggest word in my house right now is normal. I'm not sure what it means, or how to get back there, but normal is where I'm shooting for. Since losing the baby I just feel- anything but normal. But I'm trying. Trying to make life normal again for my son. Who knew I was pregnant. He's a super smart boy who knew something was 'wrong' after 3 days of throwing up. Losing the baby was hard, trying to explain it to Little Bear was harder. But I think we are doing it. Getting back to normal that is. Yes- I'm still hurting but I know in my heart God has a plan. And even though I don't know what that is- I have Faith. I trust in Him. Not to give me what I want. But to be by my side.

So slowly, normal appears. Hubby went back to work yesterday. Laundry got washed. We played outside. Although pulling the covers over my head and ignoring the world. MY WORLD wakes me up at 7:30 to watch cartoons. MY WORLD wants to have a pillow fight. MY WORLD is only 4 and he wants (and NEEDS) his mama.

So yes, I'm hurting. Yes, I'm confused, and scared and even depressed. But denying my child here on earth my time and attention because I'm too focused on the one I've lost isn't fair to him. And I know that's not what God wants.

I have two angels in Heaven watching down over us. And I know one day we'll meet up in Heaven. But for now, I mourn silently when I'm by myself. I know that others mourn with us. I know that we have prayers being sent up for us. And I know my WORLD is in the next room waiting for mama to come play.

So onward to normal.....

Friday, June 15, 2012

So sad news

Heartbroken. That's about all I'm up to saying right now. I found out Wednesday that I lost the baby. Yesterday was my D&C. This was a huge shock since I was already 11 weeks along. My husband and I are heartbroken and very sad.

Please if you happen on this blog, keep my family in your prayers.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2012 Summer Bucket List

I know that a lot of people are doing this this year. And I know they tend to have 40 to 100 items on them. I love the concept, but lets face it, that's a lot of stuff! So here's our Family Bucket List. I'm sure I'll add to it- but here goes.

(1) Participate in the Great America Backyard Campout (June 23)

(2) Have a family water gun fight

(3) Plant & Harvest our garden

(4) Watch fireworks

(5) Have a star gazing picnic

(6) Go to the beach

(7) Catch lighting bugs

(8) Volunteer as a family

(9) Make a fort & play board games

(10) Go camping at a state park.

(11) Go fishing

(12) Search my state for the BEST hamburger

(13) Go to the Train Museum

(14) Go hiking

(15) Make homemade ice cream

(16) Go canoeing

Monday, June 11, 2012

So it's been a while....

A long while. But I have been thinking hard about blogging again. So much is going on in my life right now.

Little Bear is growing up so fast. Everyday he amazes me more and more.

And I'm growing too. As a family, we have started going to church. We finally found one that felt right. I love the people there and I always feel better when I leave. I'm enjoying learning.

And God has truly blessed us. With a baby! I'm pregnant with our second and wow was that a HUGE surprise. But we are all super excited. Little Bear is excited about being a big brother and he's been asking a ton of questions.

As for homeschool- well, for the past 5 weeks or so, we haven't done much of anything. I've been so sick during this pregnancy I haven't done much other than lay about. But I started feeling somewhat better last week, so we have started doing a few worksheets (which yes, he's excited about). I'm hoping to start our Summer Bucket List soon. But that'll be talked about in other post.

I guess that's about it for now. Have a happy day!