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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Call me crazy....

No really, call me crazy. See, when my son (almost 4 years old) was a baby I wanted to wear him. But I never could find anything that fit good. As an infant, he hated being wrapped tight or enclosed in anything. As he got a few months older, I tried those store bought carriers and I hated them! I'm on the larger size and blessed in the chest department...and they were not comfortable at all. Sure, I knew about ring slings and such, but 4 years ago the choices were slim. I tired making one of my own and well, that didn't work very well. So I gave up. My son was never clingy and never really went through the 'I want to be carried' stage.

But now....now he's almost 4 and has been out of the stroller for almost a year and I'm thinking about wearing him. Not all the time, the kid loves walking (running) to much. But as a family, we have started hiking. Hubby and I are both losing weight and trying to get in shape and set a good example for our son. And don't get me wrong, Little Bear can go about a mile without complaining. But after that, he needs a rest. We try to plan a rest spot and snack, but sometimes that doesn't work out so well. And it would be so helpful if I could tie him on my back and go. I mean, we are already carrying him there anyhow, all I would be doing is not having to hold him as much, right?

Here's what I'm talking about Back Wrap with a 4 year old

Anyhow, once I decide on a wrap....I'll update!


  1. I don't think you're crazy. At ALL. The back wrap carry is super comfy and wraps are great to stick in a pack and go once LB is done riding! Also - maybe consider trying a BECO or Ergo? Both come HIGHLY recommended for toddlers and preschoolers, and are a bit simpler to get the child in and out of. Either way - I think it's great! Happy preschooler wearing trails! :D

  2. Thanks Skye! I have looked at the carriers you mentioned...and it's mostly price that holds me back. The one I *REALLY* love is over $200! But it goes from infant to 5 years old! LOL!

    I'll post pictures soon.