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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The lost of a pet

Back in June, we found a stray kitten (maybe 4 months old). My son had been begging for months for a cat, so we decided to keep the kitten. Cali-Boo (the cat) seemed to take to the family, but always ALWAYS tried to get out of the house. We would take her outback with us, and she never tried jump the fence or anything. She got out the front door a few times, and we either caught her, or so wouldn't leave the front yard and would come running back once we went back inside.

Any how, Friday we were out front playing in the afternoon. Little Bear wanted to ride his tricycle on the driveway. It was getting late and hubby brought the balls we were playing with inside, and Cali-Boo shot out. We chased her a bit, then decided to let her run (the closer we got the further she went). Much to our supraise, she crossed the road. Little Bear and I went after her, and with the help of our neighbors, caught her.

It shocked me that our normally loving cat, showed her claws and hissed when the little girl over there asked to pet her. Anyhow, we stayed over there for a while, me holding the cat, and getting clawed. Well, Little Bear fell off a little push scooter so I went to check on him. When I bent down to check on him, Cali-Boo scratched me across the face and jumped out of my arms. I just said, "Let her go." LB was fine.

About 5 minutes later, a truck came by and well, Cali-Boo attached it's wheel! Broke her neck *sniffle*. Lucky LB was behind our neighbors truck and didn't see anything. The little girl (she's about 9) took LB in the back yard to play a few minutes and out neighbor (such a sweet man) got the body and took it away so LB wouldn't see it.

Of course, when LB started asking about her, we said she ran away. It's been hard on me and on him. I told him that maybe she just wanted to be an outside cat doing big things (he likes the book The Fire Cat). So this morning he was really sad, so I told him that we would give Cali-Boo a few weeks to see if she came back (I know it's bad to lie, but my son is only 3.5 years old, and we feel this is the best thing to do at this age....don't judge that), but that when he was ready, we would let him get a new kitten.

Any advice on how long we should wait?

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