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Saturday, September 3, 2011

2 weeks down

Every time I would sit down to blog, something would come up. But it's a nice quiet Saturday morning with Little Bear sleeping in and Hubby gone off to a rare working weekend. Our first week of school, went ok. But I figured out one thing...it was WAY to easy for Little Bear. He got so bored. So last week we moved on. I moved from preschool to kindergarten. That worked A LOT better. He's having a much better time.

With him being able to read and write, he enjoys doing worksheets on his on. And let me tell you, he's writing all the time! And reading too. Yesterday I bought "Dick and Jane: the fun we have" or something like that. He's already read half the book to me with very little help (mostly he didn't know the words Father and Mother). I thought it would really boost his reading confidence, although he's also reading The Berenstien Bears with little to no help.

Last weekend, while we were grocery shopping, he wrote a story on my list. It's so cool watching him grow his love of reading and writing. And questions! There's a question on his lips from the moment he wakes up until the moment he falls asleep. 100s upon 100s all day long. About everything. Last week I got the questions out of the blue "Why does the sun come up then go down and the moon come up?" and also "Who built the United States?"....both during breakfast! Mama's head wasn't ready to handle them so early in the morning....LOL.

And of course me being me, I'm thinking about Christmas and birthday already. It's so hard! With Little Bear going to be almost 4 by Christmas, he really knows what he likes and wants...and he LIKES my iPod and computer! We thought about getting him something Leapfrog, but then we thought about the fact that at 2 he had the Tag Jr....that lasted about 3 months before he didn't play with it anymore. Last year, he got the Fisher Price iXL....yeah, that one lasted about 5 months- if that. He's just not into any electric device geared towards kids. So even though he plays with the Leapster Explorer at K-Mart, I wonder if it would last? He has, however, asked for a new tricycle....and an iPad....LOL! Goodness boy....

Of course I also promised Papa Bear that I wouldn't spend too much money this year....but yeah, I make that promise EVERY year.

I would love to hear what you are planning on getting your kids.

Happy Learning!!

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