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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

These are a 5 of my FAVORITE things

Okay, so school is a little slow right now. So I thought I would list 5 of my favorite things.

In no real order other than how I thought of them (click the name of each for a link)-

(1) Pipsqueak Makers : one of my nieces turned me on to these. And where I prefer 'old school coloring' (aka crayons), Little Bear LOVES markers, and these are just the right size for his little hand.

(2) Beethoven's Wig (a CD)- I read about this on another blog, and bought it the very same day. I simply downloaded it on my iphone for iTunes. Both LB and I LOVE this cd. My husband likes it too, but it did take him a few days to figure out why we can't singing, "Beethoven's wig....it's very big...." LOL! The songs are so catchy you'll find yourself signing them without thinking. I like playing this while Little Bear and I are playing with playdough, or coloring or something like that.

(3) An indoor trampoline - we use to have a small trampoline with an enclosure in the house, but for space reasons we moved it outdoors. It was just a little bigger than an exercise trampoline. Then I bought an exercise trampoline for myself, and it didn't take me long to realize that my son loved this smaller form because I could put it in the living room. And being in the south, where it is HOT! during the day, we haven't had much time outside to run around or anything. So I set the trampoline out and let Little Bear go. Jump, jump, jump. He's getting exercise AND I get a few moments to take clothes out the dryer. LOL.

(4) PBSkids- LOVE this site. It's on our family computer. So when Little Bear is having computer time, he can get to it anytime he wants, simply by clicking the link on his computer page. He only watches PBS so he knows all the shows, and has even discovered a few shows via PBS kids. I love that I don't have to worry about what he might see and the games all make him think.

(5) Muffin Tins (well, really Muffin Tin Meals)- I came upon Muffin Tin Meals by chance trying to find a way to present food so my suddenly picky 3 year old would eat more. WOW does it ever work. Little Bear asks for at least one a day...he calls them "Big Surprise Meals" cause the first time I gave him one, I said, "I have a big surprise for you"...anyhow, the concept is simple. Get a muffin tin, I use a 6 muffin one, and then put a different food in each hole. What I put in them depends on if he's having one for lunch or snack. I might put a half of sandwich in one, fruit in one, a veggie in another. A cookie in one. Yogurt or cheese in another. Sometimes there are themes, and sometimes there aren't. Click the link and check out Muffin Tin Mom for a TON of ideas. You can also find her on facebook.

So there you have it....5 of my favorite things. I hope that you learned something new, and maybe one of my favorite things will become one of YOUR favorite things. And if you have something you love, then feel free to leave me a comment about it. You never know, it just might be one of my NEW favorite things.

Happy Learning!!


  1. BabyGirl likes the muffin tin meals too. I am going to see about ordering that cd....it sounds like fun.