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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fun with paint

So today has been a super-duper lazy day for me and Little Bear. Just one of those days where we haven't wanted to do much of anything. Although I have learned that challenging a 3.5 year old to a dance contest is a big mistake...LOL.

Anyhow, this morning LB asked to paint. Sure...why not. And since it wasn't too hot yet, we took it outside. Pulled his little picnic table to the shade and went at it.

At first we started with simply a paint brush. Then I made him a potato stamp:

Then we got creative! We painted with flowers (ok, weeds but still), blades of grass, leaves and clovers (no 4 leaf ones).

We had a blast seeing what each thing was different then the next and how each object could be used to make a different pattern. We had a total blast!

Keep on learning!

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