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Monday, June 6, 2011

It's Monday

I need some catchy titles for days....like...ummm...."Make-it-or-break-it" Monday. Naw, that may be too long. "Might-be-a-good-start-to-the-week" Monday? HA, even longer. Ok, so I'll have to work on the week day titles. So, what's going on on our Monday? Well, Little Bear and I did school this morning. And he earned himself some extra iPod time today. He was such a good boy at Wal-Mart and the grocery store. At Wal-Mart he walked right next to the cart and held on to it, and stopped and turned when I asked. And even helped put the stuff in. That's been a HUGE problem with him- not wanting to stay right beside me (or Daddy) when we are out. Normally I have the rule that if it's just me, he HAS to ride in the cart, no question. But he asked very nicely today to walk so I decided to give it a shot. And he did great. Earned the right to walk the next time we go out. Now, at the grocery store he rode, just because we were getting so much stuff.

Then some friends came over to look at a climber-slider thing for outside that we are selling. Little Bear informed me that he was too big for it now. I want to get him a swing set anyhow. We are getting some clean-up work done to the very back of our land, so it'll be the perfect place for a swing set.

Got a lot of cleaning done today. We are having a yard sale this Saturday. I'm hoping to earn some more money to put in Little Bear's Swing Set Fund. Not to mention that my house just needs to be de-cluttered.

Me and Hubby have had a lot of things happen over the past few months, and well, I feel the need to release. And part of that is getting rid of all the crap that has built up in my house. I wish I could take everything OUT....then put things back all nice and neat and what doesn't fit just gets thrown out. Know what, that's a pretty good idea!!

Anyhow, hopefully I'll get some new pictures up soon. Lots of new and cool things planned for this week. Happy Monday!

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