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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 6, 30 Day Challenge

Day 6 – Write 30 interesting facts about yourself.

Ok, I don't have a problem writing 30 things, but do you really want to sit there and read 30 things? Ok, here we go.

(1) I knew I wanted to be a mama since I was about 4.
(2) I met my husband at 17 (and knew I was going to marry him)
(3) The above mentioned husband was my 2nd boyfriend and only the 3rd guy that I went out on a date with.
(4) I'm a blue jean & tshirt kinda girl...don't like it, tough.
(5) I love making people feel better.
(6) I believe that everyone is born with a special gift.
(7) I can talk to just about anyone, I'm friendly with just about anyone, but I consider very few people a friend.
(8) My favorite sight is my son sleeping. My favorite sound? Him saying "I love you more Mama"
(9) One of my favorite shows is NOVA.
(10) I'm a PBS junkie.
(11) I try not to judge, but I really have to wonder about some people.
(12) I currently have the MUNCHES!
(13) When I was little I wanted to be an Anthropologist.
(14) I spent 5 long years in Speech therapy
(15) I have an interest in Native American history.
(16) I do genealogy.
(17) I don't have blood in my veins, I have sweet tea
(18) My favorite cookie is Oatmeal Raisin cookies.
(19) I love to bake.
(20) I may be addicted to facebook.
(21) I have 4 older brothers. No sisters (at least not blood related sisters).
(22) I'm starting to wonder WHY I decided to write 30 things about myself.
(23) I'm a little smarter than what people give me credit for (and a lot of that is my design)
(24) I homeschool my son (he's in preschool)...and I'm considering keeping it up once he's in kindergarden.
(25) I enjoy buying and selling on eBay.
(26) I LOVE the stars.
(27) My favorite colors are purple, yellow and chrome.
(28) I just got my first tattoo last Saturday.
(29) I've always had long hair.
(30) I'm VERY happy this is over. :-p

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