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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Child-Led Parenting equals Child-led learning

My husband and I are a child-led family. That means that we watch for our sons cues as to what we teach, how we discipline, and just about everything else. Well, Little Bear found chess on his daddy's iPod about a month ago, and ever since has been begging to learn. So I found a game for the computer called "Learn to play chess with Fritz and Chester". It's a little over his level but I played with him for the first week and now he plays it on and off by himself. The other day, I bought a cheap $5.00 chess game from K-Mart and we set it up and talked about it and have been "playing" with it. I also started a lap book about chess:

The outside:

The inside (we started with the pawn):

In just 2 days of really talking about chess, he can tell you the name of each piece AND tell you how just about each one moves. SO I guess we'll keep up with the Chess lessons as our everyday lessons.

He's a few pictures of us playing a game today (oh, and he set up his half of the board himself):

Little Bear taking one of Mama's pieces:

Little Bear pointing out his options:

I was planning on teaching him to play chess but wasn't planning until he was like 5 or 6, not 3!! But this is where he has led us so this is where we will go.


  1. That's awesome! *I* don't even know how to play chess!