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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Can I complain for a minute?

I'm gonna say yes, since it IS my blog. I hate shopping for a swim suit. With a passion. I normally avoid it, but this year, well, this year we are going on our first real family vacation (to the beach) and I've been working extra hard to lose weight. And I decided that the swimsuit I have is about 4 years old and it's time for a new one...one that flatters a little more. See, I can find suits that fit, that's not the problem. The problem is that they fit everywhere BUT the breasts! I'm not losing weight there, and well, GOD blessed me (or cursed me) with large ones. But designers think the bigger the breasts the bigger the rest of you. The smaller the suit gets the smaller the cup size goes. I'm not wanting a bikini or anything...although I LOVE tankinis. I just want to go to the beach and have my breasts contained! WHY is it so hard? I mean, I'm comfy with how I look in a suit...it's not like I'm trying to 'catch a man'. I'm happily married. We are going as a family to have some FUN! I just want something to contain the boobs and to withstand my 3 year old (and the hubby!). Why is it so hard? Does ANYBODY out there know of a good place to get a swimsuit WITHOUT spending $80, $90, $100+?? HMU! Tell me about it.


  1. Girl. I could have written this! We are going to the beach too, and I feel like I"m going to have to wear a tshirt all the time! When are y'all going? (Send me a text or a message on CM, I'll never see one here)

  2. onestopplus.com. you can try there. sometimes they have *really* good stuff...othertimes not so much...