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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Penguin Crossing

Along with our normal worksheets and writing practice, we started our first Lapbook today. We did a simple one, with only one folder.

I wrote "PENGUINS" across the top, but he glued down some pictures and colored the front. You can see "Little Penguin" (the stuffed animal) in the upper corner- that's what started it all!

I glued a piece of construction paper to the inside middle, just to add some support.

Next, we read a Mini Book about penguins that we then glued to one of the flaps. And we also song a song about penguins that we glued to the other side. We glued a small sheet of paper to the middle part with 6 Fun Facts about Penguins. Then he colored a picture and practiced writing "P". We added glue only to the top of these pages and glued they atop one another, to make a kinda flip book. This way, he can flip back back through the book and see everything he's done.

As the next two weeks pass, we'll had more poems & songs, more mini books and more colored pictures. As well as mazes and penguin math problems.

So stay tune for more even pictures!!

Thanks so much for reading.

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