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Monday, May 23, 2011

One of THOSE days

Today was pure and simple, one of those days. Little Bear did everything he knew how to do to get on my nerves today! From a whiny tantrum first thing this AM, to not wanting to eat breakfast, to talking back, to just EVERYTHING! The kid got sent to his room 3 times today just so I could get a break from him. He got his iPod, computer AND TV time taken away at 9am. Then he got his right to go swimming taken away. Finally, on the third trip to his room, he fell asleep at his door way. It was such a peaceful hour. We both felt better after that. He was an angel this afternoon, ok, maybe not an angel, but at least a lot better! LOL.

But, during one of his 'good' times this morning, we did do some worksheets. We homeschool year round and have been on break for the month of May. I plan on starting back in June, but he was begging for school work today, so school work we did. He did a great job. I'm looking forward to our summer session which includes a study unit of the ocean & beach. Lucky for us, we'll get some hands on fun later this summer :-)

Anyhow, tomorrow is going to be better. I just KNOW it. At least I'm praying it's better!!

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