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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Me & my Little Bear

I was so excited to get started with this blog, that I think I forgot to tell you about me and my Little Bear.

I've been homeschooling from day one. Since the day he came home, since learning is in everything we do. At 1 year, we started playing on the computer, by 18 months he could use sites like starfall.com almost by himself. He's known his ABCs since before a year old (not the song, but pointing out the letters when asked). He knows basic signs. At 3, he can do simple adding. He can read 20+ words. He can spell 10 to 15 words. He can write his name (been spelling it since 2). He's loves to stack things or put things in order. He's a total techie! We can get in & out a toy store with no fits, but I took him to an Apple Store recently, and his eyes got big, a "WOW" escaped from his lips and he pitched himself a fit when we told him it was time to go. Yup, techie...LOL. He loves computers, iPods, anything like that.

He's very sociable and makes friends where ever he goes. He loves playing make-believe. And he also likes playing baseball, soccer, and golf.

He's a very well behaved boy. We don't allow rude or crude behavior from him. So even though we are a child-led family, I have rules that ARE to be followed.

All in all, my 3 year old preschooler is learning on an almost 1st grade level. Thanks for reading, and for following along. We are about to get started on our summer session next week, so be on the look out for our unit study and all that.

Happy Learning!

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