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Monday, May 30, 2011

Getting ready to start

We are getting ready to start.....our summer session! How awesome is that? For the month of June, we will be studying penguins. Yes, penguins in June. Little Bear is suddenly in love with all things penguins. I'll post more about that tomorrow with my update on how the day went....with pictures!

I'm getting ready to start....using my new 'used' treadmill in the morning! I'm super excited about that. Not excited about getting up early to work out before Little Bear gets up.

We are getting ready to start.....cleaning our house again. No, really cleaning it out. We want to put our house up on the market this year, and we've been trying to clean it up and out. We took a little break, just because we were getting burned out. But now it's time to get started again.

I'm getting ready to start....really taking control of my life.

What are you getting ready to start?

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