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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Penguin Crossing

Along with our normal worksheets and writing practice, we started our first Lapbook today. We did a simple one, with only one folder.

I wrote "PENGUINS" across the top, but he glued down some pictures and colored the front. You can see "Little Penguin" (the stuffed animal) in the upper corner- that's what started it all!

I glued a piece of construction paper to the inside middle, just to add some support.

Next, we read a Mini Book about penguins that we then glued to one of the flaps. And we also song a song about penguins that we glued to the other side. We glued a small sheet of paper to the middle part with 6 Fun Facts about Penguins. Then he colored a picture and practiced writing "P". We added glue only to the top of these pages and glued they atop one another, to make a kinda flip book. This way, he can flip back back through the book and see everything he's done.

As the next two weeks pass, we'll had more poems & songs, more mini books and more colored pictures. As well as mazes and penguin math problems.

So stay tune for more even pictures!!

Thanks so much for reading.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Getting ready to start

We are getting ready to start.....our summer session! How awesome is that? For the month of June, we will be studying penguins. Yes, penguins in June. Little Bear is suddenly in love with all things penguins. I'll post more about that tomorrow with my update on how the day went....with pictures!

I'm getting ready to start....using my new 'used' treadmill in the morning! I'm super excited about that. Not excited about getting up early to work out before Little Bear gets up.

We are getting ready to start.....cleaning our house again. No, really cleaning it out. We want to put our house up on the market this year, and we've been trying to clean it up and out. We took a little break, just because we were getting burned out. But now it's time to get started again.

I'm getting ready to start....really taking control of my life.

What are you getting ready to start?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Little Bear's Newest Hobby

skateboarding! For better or for worst, he loves it! We've been watching youTube videos for weeks now, and he finally earned his skateboard this week. He's been using in the house on the carpet, and yesterday was his first time on the sidewalk. I think he did pretty good, except he's not totally sure how to make it go- LOL! But he can get on it like a 'pro'.

Not sure why he's wanting to learn to skateboard, but I don't want to not let him. So I 'suit him up' (helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards) and take him out. And pray he doesn't break something!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Me & my Little Bear

I was so excited to get started with this blog, that I think I forgot to tell you about me and my Little Bear.

I've been homeschooling from day one. Since the day he came home, since learning is in everything we do. At 1 year, we started playing on the computer, by 18 months he could use sites like starfall.com almost by himself. He's known his ABCs since before a year old (not the song, but pointing out the letters when asked). He knows basic signs. At 3, he can do simple adding. He can read 20+ words. He can spell 10 to 15 words. He can write his name (been spelling it since 2). He's loves to stack things or put things in order. He's a total techie! We can get in & out a toy store with no fits, but I took him to an Apple Store recently, and his eyes got big, a "WOW" escaped from his lips and he pitched himself a fit when we told him it was time to go. Yup, techie...LOL. He loves computers, iPods, anything like that.

He's very sociable and makes friends where ever he goes. He loves playing make-believe. And he also likes playing baseball, soccer, and golf.

He's a very well behaved boy. We don't allow rude or crude behavior from him. So even though we are a child-led family, I have rules that ARE to be followed.

All in all, my 3 year old preschooler is learning on an almost 1st grade level. Thanks for reading, and for following along. We are about to get started on our summer session next week, so be on the look out for our unit study and all that.

Happy Learning!

Monday, May 23, 2011

One of THOSE days

Today was pure and simple, one of those days. Little Bear did everything he knew how to do to get on my nerves today! From a whiny tantrum first thing this AM, to not wanting to eat breakfast, to talking back, to just EVERYTHING! The kid got sent to his room 3 times today just so I could get a break from him. He got his iPod, computer AND TV time taken away at 9am. Then he got his right to go swimming taken away. Finally, on the third trip to his room, he fell asleep at his door way. It was such a peaceful hour. We both felt better after that. He was an angel this afternoon, ok, maybe not an angel, but at least a lot better! LOL.

But, during one of his 'good' times this morning, we did do some worksheets. We homeschool year round and have been on break for the month of May. I plan on starting back in June, but he was begging for school work today, so school work we did. He did a great job. I'm looking forward to our summer session which includes a study unit of the ocean & beach. Lucky for us, we'll get some hands on fun later this summer :-)

Anyhow, tomorrow is going to be better. I just KNOW it. At least I'm praying it's better!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

What AM I thinking?

I've searched everywhere. Looked on the internet, asked around, and I just can't seem to find what I'm looking for- a local homeschooling group. Nothing fancy really, just a group of moms (or dads) that homeschool their kids. Who are looking for playdates, and educational playdates, and field trips, and arts & craft days. People to answer questions and just to have fun with! My son is young, only 3 years old, and I'm not totally sure I'll homeschool past preschool, although I REALLY want too. So it would be nice to have mothers to talk to that's going through it. And not just via internet. Like minded people wouldn't be bad either, but at least open minded people. I have friends of all backgrounds and faiths, and I'm pretty open to just about anything (even if I don't fully understand it) and I want to be around people who are the same.

Who are respectful to others...willin' to learn...willin' to let their children learn. That's what life is about right? Learning?

Anyhow, I started something up on FaceBook so maybe I'll get some hits there...at least for the summer. I know Little Bear will love getting to get with his 'friends' (which is anybody about his size...LOL).

I just didn't know it would be this hard to find other homeschoolers...or even people who just take an active role in their kids education.

Anyhow, I'm sure over the next few weeks, I'll be writing a lot about trying to find people to do stuff with. Should be fun.

A new chapter a new blog

Ok, so I tried wordpress, and just didn't like it as much, so now I'm back to blogger with a new and improved blog! So please bare with me as I get this one up and running!