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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pom poms and homemade tweezers

When I first set this up for Little Bear (who I guess is really Big Kid now) I though he was a bit too old. After all he IS 5.5 years. Lol. But he really seemed to enjoy himself. I had him do all kinds of things. Take Pom poms from a plate to a cup. From a cup to a plate on his head. Behind his back. Separate different color pompoms. All with homemade tweezers. Okok, two craft sticks glued to a clothes pin. It entertained him for sometime with and without me. So in my book it was a win win!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Setting up the new schoolroom

After months of thinking what to do with our bonus room in the new house, I have decided to create a craft room (for me) combine with a schoolroom for the kids. So the idea has been planted so I've been skipping through the Internet and Pinterest searching for ways to organize and set up a multi-purpose room. 

And it was while going through one of many websites it dawned on me- Little Bear and Baby Bear are 5 YEARS APART!  Which doesn't freak me out except for homeschooling.  So while Little Bear is doing sit down work in between bouts of play, Baby Bear is just learning to play (she's only 2 months old). 

I have to set up a room to work as a craft room for me, a school room for a first grader AND create an area that will be fun and safe for Baby Bear.  Of course I'm still trying to settle into having a baby again. I'm trying to settle into the new house (been here 6 months now!). Trying to settle into homeschooling ago. 

So that's what is going on right now. Check back as I start to post pictures of the bonus room transfer. 

Happing learning

Mama Bear

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Thinking about next year

Wow!  Homeschooling with two ia a lot harder than I thought. Of course, Baby Bear is only 6 weeks old so we are still trying to work out our day to day life. Little Bear seems to be settling into being a big brother. Which is good. 

But we are thinking about what to do next year. I've been turned on to something called classicalConversations (http://www.classicalconversations.com/). It's an interesting thought. I like the idea of belonging to a group.

It's a bit of money. Less then doing Sonlight for a year. And about the same as public school. 

The campus will be close to where we live- so that's good. And we might make some friends. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Life throws a curve ball

Little Bear was 15 days early. Baby Bear is now 2 days late. Guess that guess to show ya that even in the womb kids have different personalities. I was sure I would never make it this far. Was sure she would be here at least by her due date. But alas- she's calling the shots. Little Bear keeps asking when when his sister is coming. Daddy Bear keeps talking to my belly telling her its time to come out. I just want to be able to bend over again. Lol.

But I have made somewhat good use of the time. I bought a large lot of used cloth diapers and spent about 1.5 days washing and stripping them. Now today I've got to figure out how to store them. Ummmmmmm......

Little Bear has also been sick, so I've been taking care of him. I'm so lucky that my mom is in from my home state to help out. Although she's got to head back soon. And I know my daddy is getting ready for her to be home. It sure does make it easier to grab a nap having Mama here. And even though I don't let her do a lot around the house, she has been helping with dishes and laundry. But mostly just keeping Little Bear entertained when I just can't keep going. And I know Daddy Bear feels better knowing I have someone with me since we are kinda far in the country and don't really know our neighbors yet.

Anyhow- that's today's post

Friday, April 19, 2013

National Infertility Awareness Week April 21-27 2013

Infertility is something very close to my heart. My husband and I were diagnosed with unexplained infertility when I was only 22 and he was 24. 8 long years we endured tests, shots and tons of heartbreak. Heartbreak from miscarriage, not being able to conceive, and from very rude people AND their very rude comments.

After 4 failed rounds of Clomid and then later 4 failed rounds of IUIs (3 with injectables), 2 years off to pay bills, relax and regroup, my husband and I went through IVF in 2007 and our son was born in 2008. We regret nothing! Even the rude people made us stronger.

Now Little Bear is 5 and we are due any day with our second (conceived naturally- which proves God works in odd ways). My husband and I are stronger people thanks to what we have gone through. We are closer to each other and to God. We both are quick to speak about the path we've walked. We both believe that we should teach people more about their bodies & how they work. We believe that rude people need to be educated (or slapped).

And we believe Awareness SHOULD be raised about this disease. Because THAT is what infertility is. A disease. And it's not your fault. It's not a punishment from God or any other higher being. It's a disease. It should be treated as such.

Please take time to join the movement. You don't have to wait until next week. Check out http://www.resolve.org/national-infertility-awareness-week/home-page.html for more information and how you can help.

Mama Bear

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Slow week but still

It's been a slow week. But we have still managed to get some school in. Yesterday we went to story time at the library. Little Bear got to see 4 of his friends there. In fact they were the only kids there so it was a room full of homeschoolers :) He seemed to enjoy it. Then we had a play date with two of the friends....that is until hunger won out (aka the boys started fighting). Then he had a ton of daddy time in the evening.

Today hours be slow. As this mama didn't sleep well. But we bought play money yesterday and Little Bear really enjoys playing store, so I'm thinking that's gonna be school today. That & taking back library books (to a different place than story time was). And he's got AWANA tonight.

Might try to throw in some writing and/or art today as well. Just not sure yet.

Have a great day!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Math, Math and more what to do next year

We did a lot of math today. Mainly cause its just one of those lazy days. Little Bear enjoyed a Measuring Scavenger Hunt. We also used Playdoh to make 2D and 3D shapes.

Ok, so that's pretty much been our day. Lots of math. Although I have been thinking about what we will be doing next year. I'm looking into Math U See for math. And using Sonlight for Science (since I already have it). So that leaves English (Writing, spelling, reading), History, Bible, and extra (such as art and PE).

The new baby will be 4 or 5 months old once we get back into daily school once we hit summer. Although we school through summer it's SUPER laid back.

That's it for the day.....

Mama Bear